Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens to birds after they are released?
A. They are trained to fly back to their home.

Q. How far can they fly?
A. Well trained birds can fly up to 600 miles in one day. Most releases are within a 50-mile radius from home.

Q. How late in the day can birds be released?
A. The distance of their release to home will determine the latest time possible. The birds need enough time to safely arrive home before dark.

Q. What if there is bad weather?
A. We will not release birds in bad weather: Rain, snow, wind or excessive heat

Our Release Policy

With few exceptions, a bird release may be scheduled in any season. However, we will not release our birds during snow, hail, rain or excessive heat. Excessive wind will be decided on the day of the event.

A release may be scheduled anytime during daylight hours.

Release time must allow birds ample time to return home safely.

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